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Today, network marketing companies worldwide are searching for solutions to increase sales, improve distributor recruitment and retention, promote their global brand, and remain compliant with governmental regulations. Finding and implementing individual solutions can be accomplished however, adopting a fully comprehensive approach wherein solutions are developed and aligned with each other yields better results.

As your expert consultant I will work closely with corporate thought leadership team, including the heads of each functional team, to help identify, develop and implement holistic business strategies that help to achieve your corporate goals.

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Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Simply posting a website and expecting results for your business isn't going to work. You need a comprehensive web marketing strategy.

Companies have been using technology for many decades however, few things have changed. First of all, consumer expectations are very, very different now. I know that around 80 percent of companies are researched online before an individual deepens their brand engagement.

Moreover, the vast majority of consumers prefer using the Internet for interacting with companies. The companies that recognize, understand and respond to this new paradigm will thrive well into the future.

Comprehensive Digital Strategy

A fully comprehensive global digital strategy begins with identifying your target audience. Once you have identified your target audience(s) the next step is developing your content messaging. This is where many companies drop the ball in failing to recognize the regional and cultural differences that make a "one size fits all" approach highly ineffective ... and in some cases, insulting. This applies not only to marketing content, but training and back office tools as well.

The final step in an effective global digital strategy is deciding which interactive marketing tools (platforms) are best suited to deliver your messaging to your target audience. This step is definitely more challenging than it might seem and requires a clear understanding of currently available interactive marketing resources and more importantly, how to coordinate their use and deployment to maximize the global reach and effectiveness of your messaging.

Navigating the digital landscape is crucial to your companies long-term success. Having real-time access to expert knowledge and guidance will significantly improve your global growth and bottom line.

The Future is Now!

Does your company have a global digital strategy? If you have to think about the answer you do not have a digital strategy. And as a result, any plans you have for global affiliate or revenue growth will most likely fall short of expectations. Consumer expectations have changed and companies must develop and deploy an effective global digital strategy to not only survive, but thrive.

I help companies design and implement comprehensive global digital strategies that enhance the consumer experience, improve retention, maximize activity and drive global revenue growth.

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