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Stephen Scott

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Stephen Scott Network Marketing Consulting

Today, network marketing companies worldwide are searching for solutions to increase sales, improve distributor recruitment and retention, promote their global brand, and remain compliant with governmental regulations. Finding and implementing individual solutions can be accomplished however, adopting a fully comprehensive approach wherein solutions are developed and aligned with each other yields better results.

As your expert consultant I will work closely with corporate thought leadership team, including the heads of each functional team, to help identify, develop and implement holistic business strategies that help to achieve your corporate goals.

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My Process

Listen ⇨ Learn ⇨ Recommend ⇨ Implement ⇨ Validate

As your expert consultant I take a highly collaborative approach to understanding your current business methodologies and more important, developing comprehensive strategies to ensure your long-term corporate objectives are achieved.

In doing so, I believe any strategy should include the following 'pillars' of network marketing success:

  • Community
  • Activity
  • Retention


Most network marketing companies focus on building organizations that generate sales however, network marketing companies can achieve higher and more sustainable revenues by incorporating global community building strategies into every aspect of distributor engagement.

Perhaps the worst experience a network marketer can have is feeling like they're all alone, not connected to or engaging with other distributors. Yes, many companies do send messages to their members via e-email, but there's nothing like developing a REAL relationships with other distributors. One that doesn't simply focus on "What have you done for me lately!".

Distributor back-office environments can be enhanced (configured/re-designed) in ways that will promote robust and meaningful interactions among distributors; ultimately creating deep and lasting friendships.


Distributor activity represents the gold standard for many network marketing companies. However, activity does not always translate to productivity, which is the best driver of success. Maximizing distributor activity/productivity requires careful coordination of distributor training, task assignment, and real-time monitoring and validation of results.


Low distributor retention rates have been and remain a major problem for network marketing companies. Why do distributors leave or simply stop working? A) They're not making money. B) They are not having fun. C) They are not receiving the level of support they want and deserve. Maximizing distributor retention requires surrounding each distributor with a cocoon of engagement and support.

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