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Stephen Scott

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Stephen Scott Network Marketing Consulting

Today, network marketing companies worldwide are searching for solutions to increase sales, improve distributor recruitment and retention, promote their global brand, and remain compliant with governmental regulations. Finding and implementing individual solutions can be accomplished however, adopting a fully comprehensive approach wherein solutions are developed and aligned with each other yields better results.

As your expert consultant I will work closely with corporate thought leadership team, including the heads of each functional team, to help identify, develop and implement holistic business strategies that help to achieve your corporate goals.

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Global Revenue Growth

There are several internet marketing channels and technologies that enable companies to accelerate their global growth. Whether your network marketing company is already established in multiple countries or your just getting started, you can achieve your global expansion goals by optimizing your corporate web site and utilizing the right mix of available channel marketing technologies.

Ten years ago a successful online campaign would have probably started with what should you put on your website. But today's successes begin in the form of internet marketing consulting plans developed to reach your specific business goals. I take time to fully understand your network marketing business so that I can answer questions like:

  • What pages on your current site are used the most and are they converting?
  • Should your company embrace social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
  • Would a mobile website or app be appropriate for your primary audience?
  • How can I validate the success of your internet marketing plan?

Web Site Design

Successful global expansion of your network marketing company requires expert optimization of your entire corporate web site, including your distributor back office. Your distributors are your most loyal "brand ambassadors" and as such, providing them with a positive user experience, online marketing tools and training will improve distributor, product and revenue growth.

To help maximize the effectiveness of your corporate web site I provide expert consulting in the following areas:

  • Content and Brand Messaging
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Back Office Design
  • Converting Customers to Distributors
  • Sales Cycle Tracking
  • Research and Analytics

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