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About Stephen Scott

About Stephen Scott

Over the past 25 years I have developed deep and proven expertise in multiple areas that are ideally suited to assisting network marketing companies; and individual network marketers achieve their goals.

I do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach to private coaching or consulting. My process involves taking the time to clearly understand your current capabilities and goals. Once we're in full agreement I then propose customized solutions that will ultimately help you achieve your goals.

And by the way, we're continually monitoring your activities so that we can validate progress towards achieving your goals.

Whether I'm working with companies or individuals, my primary objective is to produce meaningful and verifiable results.

My experience in working with network marketing companies; as well as thousands of individual network marketers in multiple countries has given me a clear understanding of their specific needs, and more important, how to develop solutions that help them achieve their goals.

In 2009 I developed and launched the Team Building Project as a free and open community for network marketers from around the world to join and interact. The website has attracted over 50,000 network marketers representing 150 countries.

To help network marketers build and manage large global teams I developed and launched the Team Build Pro system. This system provides a platform with proven tools and strategies that enable anyone to effectively build a large global downline.

I have also authored two best-selling books that help network marketers pursue and achieve their business and personal goals.

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