Digital Strategy

Simply posting a website and expecting results for your business isn't going to work. You need a comprehensive web marketing strategy.

Companies have been using technology for many decades however, few things have changed. First of all, consumer expectations are very, very different now. We know that around 80 percent of companies are researched online before an individual deepens their brand engagement.

Moreover, the vast majority of consumers prefer using the Internet for interacting with companies. The companies that recognize, understand and respond to this new paradigm will thrive well into the future.

Comprehensive Digital Strategy

A fully comprehensive global digital strategy begins with identifying your target audience. Once you have identified your target audience(s) the next step is developing your content messaging. This is where many companies drop the ball in failing to recognize the regional and cultural differences that make a "one size fits all" approach highly ineffective ... and in some cases, insulting. This applies not only to marketing content, but training and back office tools as well.

The final step in an effective global digital strategy is deciding which interactive marketing tools (platforms) are best suited to deliver your messaging to your target audience. This step is definitely more challenging than it might seem and requires a clear understanding of currently available interactive marketing resources and more importantly, how to coordinate their use and deployment to maximize the global reach and effectiveness of your messaging.

Navigating the digital landscape is crucial to your companies long-term success. Having real-time access to expert knowledge and guidance will significantly improve your global growth and bottom line.

The Future is Now!

Does your company have a global digital strategy? If you have to think about the answer you do not have a digital strategy. And as a result, any plans you have for global affiliate or revenue growth will most likely fall short of expectations. Consumer expectations have changed and companies must develop and deploy an effective global digital strategy to not only survive, but thrive.

We help companies design and implement comprehensive global digital strategies that enhance the consumer experience, improve retention, maximize activity and drive global revenue growth.

Global Distribution & Growth

There are several internet marketing channels and technologies that enable companies to accelerate their global growth. Whether your network marketing company is already established in multiple countries or your just getting started, you can achieve your global expansion goals by optimizing your corporate web site and utilizing the right mix of available channel marketing technologies.

Ten years ago a successful online campaign would have probably started with what should you put on your website. But today's successes begin in the form of internet marketing consulting plans developed to reach your specific business goals. We take time to fully understand your network marketing business so that we can answer questions like:

  • What pages on your current site are used the most and are they converting?
  • Should your company embrace social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
  • Would a mobile website or app be appropriate for your primary audience?
  • How can we validate the success of your internet marketing plan?

Web Site Design

Successful global expansion of your network marketing company requires expert optimization of your entire corporate web site, including your distributor back office. Your distributors are your most loyal "brand ambassadors" and as such, providing them with a positive user experience, online marketing tools and training will improve distributor, product and revenue growth.

To help maximize the effectiveness of your corporate web site we provide expert consulting in the following areas:

Content and Brand Messaging
Information Architecture
User Experience
Search Engine Optimization
Mobile Optimization
Back Office Design
Converting Customers to Distributors
Sales Cycle Tracking
Research and Analytics

Social Media

Social media marketing has become a very misunderstood buzzword. Many direct sales companies know what it is, but few truly know how implement it in a way that will benefit their company and distributors. Because social media marketing is always changing and evolving, even with the staples we have now such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it's incredibly difficult to keep up with. The demands of social media marketing can, in fact, become so overwhelming and time consuming that multilevel marketing companies and their distributors often get confused and simply give up.

We help network marketing companies successfully navigate the social media landscape and intelligently integrate social media campaigns into their global growth strategy. More importantly, we provide consulting on how to incorporate social media training into your distributor back office so that it can be duplicated, resulting in exponential global growth.

Our Process

We first learn about your business, understand your current growth strategies and explore ideas of how to grow your global organization. Then we research existing internet marketing channels and determine which ones to pursue to help you achieve your goals. From there, we develop plan that seamlessly integrates the pieces of your online global expansion strategy.

Measurable Results

Most companies measure success by revenue growth. While this metric is important it does not provide enough insight into the companies performance.

We help companies design, implement and track key performance metrics that provide valuable insights into their company's success. More importantly, we help you devise marketing strategies based on real-time insights to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Our proven expertise enables us to help you:

  • Define Key Performance Indicators
  • Quantify Performance Benchmarks
  • Implement Predictive Marketing Strategies

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand, that reflect the critical success factors of an organization. They differ from company to company however, generally speaking KPI's are:

Global Sales Revenues
Total Customers
Active Customers
Web Site Visits
Product Purchases
Repeat Product Purchases
Membership Renewals
Training Registrations
Discussion Forum Comments
Back Office Logins
Order Volume Per Distributor
Order Volume Per Customer

Quantify Performance Benchmarks

Most likely, your database contains a wealth of information that would enable us to accurately benchmark (quantify) each of your KPI's. We will work with your marketing team and database programmers to quantify each of your KPI's. Once each KPI has been quantified we will design and implement programming that enables you to monitor your companies performance against each KPI in real-time.

Predictive Marketing

Perhaps the biggest advantage to real-time performance benchmark monitoring is that it enables you to implement marketing strategies to correct negative trends. For instance; If your real-time results indicate a reduction in the time spent watching your companies opportunity video, you can quickly substitute a different version of your opportunity and monitor the results. The same can be done in response to any of your performance benchmarks. Predictive marketing can play a key role in maximizing your overall success.

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